Product Details

  • Water analysis and diagnosis via smartphone: easy and safe control of the water values in freshwater aquariums.
  • For the measurement of: general hardness, carbonate hardness, pH value, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine and CO2 calculation.
  • The new generation of water analysis: download ProScan app free of charge, insert test strip into aquarium water, position strip on colour chart for analysis, scan colour chart, values are determined.
  • Fast diagnosis – precise results: test value results are displayed as numbers and additionally evaluated (good/medium/poor).
  • Additional recommendations for optimal values in freshwater aquariums and ponds
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad: iOS 5.0 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher and a camera with autofocus needed.
  • Contents: 1 pack ProScan Recharge with 24 water analysis strips.


Healthy aquariums with conditions modelled on nature:

  • The right water values are dependent on the fish stock and plants in the aquarium.
  • Even if the water looks clear it can be contaminated.
  • With bad values diseases or algae can appear in the aquarium.
  • To maintain a healthy aquarium with conditions close to nature it is important to check and adapt the water values regularly.

Water analysis using your smartphone – the new generation:

  • Fast diagnosis, precise results and recommended solutions
  • Saves measurement values
  • Displays measurement evaluation
  • New developments - new functions and uses

Fast diagnosis - precise results:

  • Download the JBL app free of charge, follow the app’s instructions, immerse the test strip into the aquarium water, position the test strip on the JBL colour chart for the analysis, scan colour chart, values will be determined, individual solution recommendations and tips will be transmitted.

Note: The test strips are only suitable for one measurement each. A repeated scan of the strip leads to different values, since the strip goes on reacting indefinitely.

  • During the analysis "aquarium freshwater"”and "water" the current CO2 content in the water will be calculated as an additional bonus. Depending on the analysis results in the sections “Aquarium Freshwater” and “Garden Pond” individualized recommendations and hints will be transmitted as to which JBL products will help to set the ideal/optimal water values.


Why can't I register / log in to the app anymore even though my data is correct?

> Please use your username and password to log in to the app. The email address will not be accepted as username. Make sure beforehand that you have already created a myJBL profile.

The measurements are not transmitted - error during data transfer

> If your new measurements cannot be successfully transferred, it is probably because your access data has changed. Each measurement is linked to its user's record on the creation date. If the measurement is not transferred (missing Internet connection) and your access data changes (password changed), this error occurs. Solution: Please delete the app, confirm the removal of the locally saved data and reinstall the app. If you now log in, your profiles will be downloaded and with the first addition of a new, further measurement you will also see your old measurements in the app again. On the JBL website you can view and compare all the measurements you have saved at any time under myJBL --> My analyses.

The latest measurements on your smartphone after the initial setup

> If you go on our website to view the profiles online under myJBL --> myAnalyses, you will find all the measurements here. As soon as you log yourself in again with your smartphone and add a new measurement to the relevant profile, the 4 latest measurements will also be downloaded from the cloud and will be available again on the smartphone.

After using the ProScan app my JBL account is locked

> Please log out from the ProScan app. Either ask the help desk to unlock your account or change your password. Now you can register again to return to the app.

Why did it happen? Old unsynchronised measurements are being transferred with the old access data. The app offers a data reconciliation in the background. After repeated data reconciliation attempts your access gets blocked for security reasons. Please do not change your data until all the measurements have been transferred from the app.

The easiest way to prevent such problems when changing the access data is to log out from the app.

Can I print out my ColorCard myself?

> Unfortunately it is not possible to print the ColorCard of ProScan yourself. It is produced by means of a special printing process and afterwards tested on a special device for colour fastness.

Only this way can we guarantee the high accuracy of measurements made with the ProScan test kits.

Why am I getting the message „measurement not possible.

> Please make sure that the ProScan analysis strip is correctly aligned. This means that the measurement fields are placed at the word “Top” on the ColorCard. “Bottom” indicates that side of the analysis strip, which you are holding in your hand.

When reading the ColorCard the whole card should always be visible in the recording window. A slight margin all around will ensure that the “corner points” can be focused.

How can I store the measurement values?

> You can store the measured values as an image with the button Share or you can send them to yourself by SMS or email. In addition the app gives you the opportunity to display the analysis of the last measurement. Just click on “Back” and confirm with “Yes” when prompted to save. 

How do I report a new error?

> JBL ProScan is being developed continuously. We will repair bugs and small errors which can be caused by software updates as soon as we can. To help us in this, we request a short email to [email protected] with the software version, device name, designation of the smartphone and a description of the errors with words and pictures.

Does the test also work correctly in osmosis and distilled water?

> In weakly buffered solutions such test methods can’t deliver reliable test results for pH values.

Further parameters, such as NO3, NO2, GH, KH und Cl are not affected by this. But the calculations of the CO2 content can here also lead to incorrect values.

Why doesn’t ProScape work on my mobile?

> In order to determine the photometric measuring results accurately ProScan needs a camera with autofocus. This is the only way to determine the results with maximum precision. Not having one could prevent you from downloading the app from the Store. Moreover the app requires the Android version 4.0 or higher or iOS 5.0 or higher. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as with 5100 Android smartphone and tablet types. If the download in the Store doesn’t work, your mobile is probably incompatible with one of the above mentioned points. If there are any problems during use, e.g. with the scanning, please contact us at .

Can I also use it in saltwater?

> JBL ProScan is not designed for use in saltwater. The scales of measurement and recommendations inside apply only to freshwater.

Why do I get an error message that the test strip is not correctly aligned?

> In the operating system of your smartphone there is a resource management. This also manages your camera. Because other apps are accessing the camera too, it can occasionally happen after use that a new access is not granted and therefore a blockage can occur. As result you receive an error message from your ProScan app despite a correctly aligned analysis strip. Especially after an update you can find the resource “camera” blocked for further apps, including JBL ProScan.

In many cases the solution is quite simple: Close all the apps in the background on your task manager. Now restart your smartphone and open JBL ProScan as your first app. Carry out the scan again. By closing and restarting all the resources will be released. If the error still occurs, the test strip is not correctly aligned on the ColorCard. You can also test the app is working by carrying out a test scan without an analysis strip and using the empty ColorCard.

Why do I get different measurement results with repeated measurements?

> Please note that the analysis strips will continue to react. Thus a strip can only be scanned once. A repeated scan would lead to different values, because they change dramatically after 70+ seconds. However the fluctuations can also indicate an incorrect reading caused by shadows/reflections. It is best to carry out the test near a window with bright light and using a sheet of white paper as a matt non-reflecting base. Direct light from above casts shadows or reflections which can affect the colour rendering. The ColorCard should be uniformly illuminated. Please remember to ALWAYS shake the water sideways off the analysis strip. “Puddles” can cause the colour fields to react with each other and to produce reflections. Please always approach your smartphone vertically to the ColorCard.

Will the ProScan app have any new features in the future?

> JBL ProScan is being developed continuously. We will add new functions and features to the app at regular intervals to make water analysis even easier. Always upload the latest version from the Store.

Can I also use the EasyTest strips?

> JBL ProScan Recharge are special digital analysis strips which have been designed for the ProScan app. They enable a detailed and precise evaluation in small scaling steps. JBL undertakes no guarantee for the correctness for the use of the EasyTest 6in1 strips. These have definitely less fine scaling steps and are not suitable for reliable measurement analysis. They are therefore incompatible.

Which way round do I place the ProScan analysis strip onto the ColorCard?‬

> On the ColorCard the "top" and "bottom" are indicated. When picking up the test strips you automatically hold the "bottom" side. It’s the side with no analysis fields on the strip. On the "top" side the analysis fields are printed right to the edge. An error message appearing in the app usually means the analysis strip has been positioned on the ColorCard the wrong way round. Just correct the position.


Why don’t the water values match my JBL drop count test?

> Each test has a fixed scale, which enables the allocation of the water values. For example the steps in a drop test are different to those of the ProScan. Therefore ProScan also has a scale to enter the values and to avoid jumps at repeated measurements. Bigger differences between the values mostly indicate an incorrect reading caused by shades/reflections. Best is to carry out the test near a window with bright light. Direct light from above casts shadows or reflections which can affect the colour rendering. Please remember ALWAYS to shake the water off the analysis strip sideways. “Puddles” can cause the colour fields to react with each other and to produce reflections.

Incorrect values can occur through expired drop tests too (i.e. tests which have been open for more than 9 months) or incorrect use (with air-filled drops and deviating water quantities). In this case please check your measurements once more.

One example:

The aquarium has the following water values: 18 mg/l NO3, 0.5 mg/l NO2, 5° dGH, 7 mg/l CO2, 1.5° dKH, 6.8 pH.

The measurements with the different systems give the following values:

The ProScan shows following values: 18 mg/l NO3, 0.5 mg/l NO2, > 4° dGH, < 15 mg/l CO2 (by way of calculation), 1.5° dKH, 6.8 pH.

The drop test shows the following values: 20 mg/l NO3, 0.6 mg/l NO2, 5° dGH, 10 mg/l CO2 (by way of calculation), 2°dKH, 6.8 pH

Both results are very precise and differ only slightly from each other. This has no negative effect on further statements and actions. Inaccuracies in the application have a greater effect on the results than jumps resulting from the scale. Finer scaling steps could result in an inability to allocate the results exactly to the same measuring points when there is some divergence of light and distance in the surroundings. This would cause the values to jump again in a repeated test.

JBL ProScan Recharge (+)

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Delivery takes 3 to 7 working days. Delivery fees will be shown upon checkout.