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The Indian Zebra shrimp is a Caridina Babaulti species. It exhibits zebra stripes on grey or blue base body. Might occasionally have golden eyes

Introducing the Indian Zebra Shrimp, a small and fascinating shrimp species that will bring a unique charm to your freshwater aquarium. Here's everything you need to know about these delightful crustaceans:

  • Appearance: The Indian Zebra Shrimp (Caridina cf. babaulti) is a small-sized shrimp with a striking and eye-catching appearance. They showcase a translucent body with beautiful zebra-like black stripes running vertically along their exoskeleton. With an average size of 1.5cm (0.6 inches), they add a splash of color and pattern to your tank.

  • Peaceful Nature: Indian Zebra Shrimp are known for their peaceful and non-aggressive temperament, making them ideal for community aquariums. They are generally compatible with other peaceful fish and invertebrate species, but it's important to avoid keeping them with larger, aggressive tank mates that may see them as potential prey.

  • Tank Setup: Provide the Indian Zebra Shrimp with a well-established and densely planted aquarium. They appreciate hiding spots among live plants, rocks, or driftwood, as well as open areas for foraging and exploring. Ensure a secure lid or mesh cover to prevent any potential escapes.

  • Water Conditions: Indian Zebra Shrimp prefer slightly acidic to neutral water conditions. Aim for a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5 and a water temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-27 degrees Celsius). Regular water changes and the use of a reliable filtration system are essential to maintain optimal water quality.

  • Feeding: These shrimp are omnivorous scavengers and will happily feed on various food sources. Offer them a balanced diet that includes high-quality shrimp pellets, algae wafers, blanched vegetables (such as zucchini or spinach), and occasional live or frozen foods like brine shrimp or bloodworms. They will also graze on biofilm and algae in the aquarium.

  • Behavior and Care: Indian Zebra Shrimp are active and busy scavengers, constantly foraging for food. They are known for their interesting behaviors, such as cleaning and grooming themselves and each other. They prefer a peaceful and well-maintained aquarium environment, and providing them with appropriate hiding spots and compatible tank mates will promote their well-being.

  • Breeding: Breeding Indian Zebra Shrimp in a home aquarium is possible under optimal conditions. A separate breeding tank with suitable water parameters, such as slightly acidic and soft water, can encourage successful reproduction. The female shrimp will carry eggs and eventually release tiny shrimplets that will require specialized care and hiding spots to ensure their survival.

Indian Zebra Shrimp are a captivating addition to any freshwater aquarium. With their striking appearance, peaceful nature, and interesting behaviors, they provide both aesthetic appeal and entertainment value. By maintaining suitable water conditions, providing a well-planted habitat, and offering a varied diet, you can enjoy the beauty and activity of Indian Zebra Shrimp in your aquatic setup.

Indian zebra shrimp 1.5cm x 5pc

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