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Live Aquatic Plants Hygrophila difformis or Water Wisteria in Lead Bunch 5-7stems by Aquatic Farmer - popular choice for shrimps owners!

Water Wisteria is a popular, fast-growing stem plant that is extremely easy to care for and suitable for beginners. It can grow very tall but with frequent pruning, the plant can stay compact and low growing. Stems can be cut and replanted for propagation.

Hygrophila difformis or Water Wisteria, is a popular choice for shrimp owners due to the benefits they provide. It is a fast-growing stem plant that is very easy to care for, especially suitable for beginners. It can grow very tall but with frequent pruning, the plant can stay compact and low growing. Stems can be cut and replanted for propagation.This plant can easily root into the substrate of your tank and quickly begin to grow, giving shrimp a fun place to play or hide. Water Wisteria is also a favorite because of the eye-catching shape of its leaves, bringing a unique aesthetic to your tank.

The low-maintenance nature of this plant means it will always be looking its best no matter how much light you provide or CO2 that's pumped into your aquarium! Although, CO2 injection is necessary for this plant to display its "forked" appearance.

Care: EasyLight: Low to MediumCo2: Not requiredGrowth rate: Fast

For Aquatic/Live Plants stems in lead bunch:You can easily unbundle the weight (lead piece) and remove the cotton piece holding your plants together. Depending on the maturity of the plant, the roots can sometimes become entangled and might grow into the cotton making it harder to separate. As with potted aquatic plants, gently remove the plant the best you can without damaging the root structure.

After removing the plant from the cotton, you should be able to separate the plant further into "plant-able" portions! Clean them up a little and you are ready to go. Stem plants should be planted in a nutrient-rich substrate (eg Prodibio Aqua Terra Basis or Prodibio AquaGrowth Soil or Prodibio AquaShrimp Powder- Enriched soil for healthy plants), while epiphytes such as buce, anubias, or java fern should be attached to hardscape.

It is recommended to perform the act of quarantining your plants if possible. You may choose to perform a bleach dip. Algae and snails are part of the natural environment, therefore making it extremely difficult to guarantee the absence completely. The only way to guarantee that your plants are 100% shrimp safe, 100% free of any algae or snails is to use Tissue Culture aquatic plants as these are carefully grown in a lab. You can choose from our wide range of Tissue Culture Aquatic plants selection by Aquatic Farmer.

Hygrophila difformis or Water Wisteria

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