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Natural ingredients create a slightly acidic natural ecological environment in the original Amazon basin


1. Extracted from peat moss humus soil, tannic acid, humic acid, plant hormones, 
creating a natural environment like tropical fish swimming in the native Amazon basin.

2. Brightening the golden water body can enhance the freshness and vividness of the fish body.

3. Contains natural vitamins and special antibacterial, which can effectively strengthen and protect.


1. It is suitable for new water, after water change and the environment of slightly acidic fish tank.

2. Add 1ml per 10 liters of rearing water.


1. Shake well before use.

2. Please pay attention to the pH of the water when adding this agent slightly acidic.

3. If the hardness of the rearing water is too high, the pH value will be too high. 
Please use water softening resin to soften the water first, and the effect will be more obvious.

4. This agent is only suitable for ornamental fish tanks, stored in a dry and non-lighted place, 
and prevent children from taking it by mistake

HH- Gold Black Water- 250ml

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