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Procillus microbial food
🛑 Features and functionality
The supplement is a white powder that is rice bran. Rice bran is the medium for microorganisms to island. when we float around in a nursery pond or in a jar This rice bran will stay in front of the water for about 1-2 days and then it will decompose by itself. The fish can eat it without penalty. But the microbes will break out from the rice bran within 4 hours. The microbes will run down to eat the waste in the water, making the water clearer, slowing down the water change. reduced ammonia
And when the fry eat these microorganisms to help digestion. In the digestive system, waste in the intestines of fish reduces the problem of flatulence, ascites. make the fish excrete well To make the fish eat more and grow faster. Because it helps digestion well.

🛑 Rate of use in nursery ponds. Give it every day or 3-4 times a week. Sprinkle a thin layer over the water.

If it is a fish that has been raised in a separate bowl, then just put 1 scoop in a jar 2-3 times a week.

🛑 Properties of Bacillus subtilis
1. Fast reproduction rate. Rapid replacement expansion in 4 hours, the amount can be increased to a hundred thousand times.
2. It has a durable life in moisture-free conditions. Can withstand low temperature -600C comfortably and withstand temperatures up to +280°C without any resistance to acidic and alkaline environments, resistant to disinfectants, even confined oxygen can survive.
3. It is large, 4 times larger than other bacteria, occupying more stable space. Therefore, it implicitly controls other pathogenic microorganisms.    
4. It has a strong decomposition power. when propagating at the same time as well as releasing gastric juice to digest large molecular masses to break down into smaller molecules, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms as well
5. Get rid of the stench can effectively get rid of the smell of sulfur and nitrogen compounds that degrade lipids in water to improve a cleaner environment, better engine performance. synthetic microorganisms

Build resistance to pathogenic microorganisms
1. Can reduce the amount of bacteria, Escherichia coli, Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella in the intestine, thus increasing infection that is more useful and reduce infection with a penalty to make microbes that reduce disease in the pet another way
2. Nutrients while microorganisms grows and divides in the digestive tract causing the creation of nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids and other organic acids, including growth factors that are related to the growth of the body

Golden Betta Procillus

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