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Glass bloodfin tetra 1.5cm X 5pc

The Glass Bloodfin Tetra (Prionobrama filigera) is a small and fascinating species of tetra that adds elegance and beauty to any aquarium. Here's some information about the Glass Bloodfin Tetra:

  • Size: Glass Bloodfin Tetras typically reach a size of around 3-4 centimeters (1.2-1.6 inches) when fully grown. Their small size makes them suitable for both small and larger aquariums.

  • Appearance: As their name suggests, Glass Bloodfin Tetras have a transparent or glass-like body that allows you to see their internal organs. They have a subtle silver hue with delicate red or orange fins, which provide a striking contrast against their transparent bodies.

  • Behavior: Glass Bloodfin Tetras are peaceful and social fish that prefer to be kept in groups. It is recommended to keep them in schools of five or more individuals to promote their natural shoaling behavior. They are active swimmers and tend to occupy the middle and upper levels of the aquarium.

  • Water Parameters: These tetras thrive in well-maintained aquariums with stable water conditions. The ideal water temperature for Glass Bloodfin Tetras is between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius (72-79 degrees Fahrenheit). The pH level should be slightly acidic to neutral, ranging from 6.0 to 7.5, and the water hardness should be moderate.

  • Tank Setup: Provide a well-planted aquarium with floating plants and open swimming spaces for the Glass Bloodfin Tetras. The use of a dark substrate and dim lighting can enhance their vibrant colors. Ensure the tank is adequately filtered and perform regular water changes to maintain optimal water quality.

  • Feeding: Glass Bloodfin Tetras are omnivorous and have a hearty appetite. They readily accept a variety of foods, including high-quality flakes, pellets, frozen foods, and live foods such as brine shrimp and daphnia. A varied diet will ensure they receive the necessary nutrients for their overall health and vibrant coloration.

  • Compatibility: Glass Bloodfin Tetras are generally peaceful and can coexist with other small, non-aggressive fish species that prefer similar water conditions. Suitable tankmates include other peaceful tetras, rasboras, small catfish species, and peaceful dwarf cichlids. Avoid housing them with larger, aggressive fish that may intimidate or prey upon them.

When introducing Glass Bloodfin Tetras to a new aquarium, it's essential to acclimate them properly to minimize stress. Monitor their behavior, health, and water parameters regularly to ensure they thrive in their environment. With their unique transparent appearance and peaceful nature, Glass Bloodfin Tetras are sure to captivate and delight aquarists of all levels of experience.

Glass bloodfin tetra 1.5cm X 5pc

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