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White spot disease is commonly faced by hobbyist. White spot disease can infected the whole population of fishes in the aquaria. In planted aquaria, it can be difficult to add common Anti White spot medication, as it contains harmful chemical such as copper or malachite green. These harmful chemicals can kill sensitive fishes, shrimps and affect beneficial bacteriaWe have been using EIHO ICH-EX to cure and reduce white spot disease outbreak in our planted aquaria.  EIHO ICH-EXCures white spot disease safelyContain no harmful chemical such as copper or malachite green.ICH-EX is effective against resistant strains of ich / white spot disease.Cure Marine white spot cause by Cryptocaryon irritation)Does not dye aquarium water.Safe for planted aquarium, shrimps, corys and pleco (scaleless fish).Does not affect beneficial bacteriaHow to use5ml for 25L of waterUsually 1 treatment is sufficient. For resistant case of ich infection, please repeat treatment after every 3 days (with 25% water change), for a maximum duration of 14 days.Remove activated carbon during treatment for best effect


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