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EIHO Anti Lice

Eliminate fish lice and anchor worms

Fast acting within 24hours

EIHO ANTI LICE is formulated to eliminate fish lice, anchor worms and maggots. These persistent parasites can attach to the host for a long period of time and will not dislodge easily. The affected host fish can be disfigured, become weak and thin. Furthermore, they will be susceptible to secondary bacteria infection. Anti Lice is highly effective for usage on koi, goldfish, arowana and tropical fishes. It is used in freshwater and pond environments.

Symptoms of fish lice or anchor worms:

Parasites are easily spotted on the skin, tail of the fishes

Fish swim irregularly.

Flicking and rubbing against object


1 cap (5ml) for 50L. SHAKE BEFORE USE. Remove activated carbon and turn off UV during treatment. Will harm invertebrates, snails and shrimps. Do not overdose. Parasite will usually drop off within 24 hours of treatment. For further treatment, change 25% of water on 3rd day and add the full dosage.

Please refrain from removing the parasite physically as it can injure the fish.

EIHO Anti Lice

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