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Egeria densa isŒæone of the most popular aquarium and pond plants of all time, has also been known asŒæAnachris, BrazilianŒæElodea, and sometimes as simplyŒæElodea. Egeria densaŒæis among the most easily grown aquatic plants offered for sale today. This plantŒæhas remained popular among beginning hobbyists. It uses in the aquarium stretches from aesthesis to functional utility. More often than not, Egeria densaŒæis used more often to oxygenate the water and to absorb excess nutrients rather than as an aquascaping plant.Hardiness:ŒæVery Easy Light Needed:ŒæMedium Plant Structure:ŒæStemFamily:ŒæHydrocharitaceaeGenus:ŒæEgeriaRegion:ŒæCentral/South AmericaSize:ŒæIndividual stem width: 3-7 cmGrowth Rate:ŒæVery fast Can Be Grown Emersed:ŒæNo

Egeria Densa

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