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Nitrifying bacteria ( 4th pic): cultivating nitrifying bacteria, decompose nh3, no2 and convert it to no3. Release stress for fish and create good water system for plants and live stock. Combination nutrition for plants:( 5th pic) Provide all essential elements max suck as ion and etc to plants. Provide healthy growth of plant in the tank. Water conditioner (6th pic): Anti chlorine, remove heavy metal from tap water, provide mineral and clean water. Balance ph, reduce fish sickness and promote healthy ecological system. Carbon booster (7 pic): Provide extra carbonate to the plants to promote better Photosynthesis so that plants can grow better and broom.. good for those plants that does not have co2 injections Usage: 10ml to treat 100L water. 10ml per cup measurement.

Dr. Tank starter kit series for planted tank aquarium fish tank

SGD 5.50

Product Options

Combine nutrition (30ml x 1 bottle)

Carbon booster (3ml x 1 bottle)

Combine nutrition (30ml x 3 bottle)

Carbon booster (3ml x 3 bottle)

Combine nutrition (30ml x 5 bottle)

Carbon booster (3ml x 5 bottle)


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