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Brine shrimps decapsulated eggs 65g

Artemia is an optimal food for almost all residents of freshwater and seawater aquariums, due to their content of fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

With 50%, “Artemia 50” consists of an uncompromising proportion of these high-quality nutrients.

Composition: Artemia 50%, vegetable proteins, rice flour, salmon oil, garlic 4%, brewer’s yeast, kelp, amino acids, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics.


proteins (min.) 49.3%
fats (min.) 7.0%
fibers (max.) 0.7%
ash (max.) 2.4%
Additives per kg: Vitamins: A (3a672a) 20000 IU, C (3a300) 150 mg, D3 (3a671) 1500 IU; with dyes; trace elements: Fe (E 1) 24 mg, Mn (3b502) 31 mg, Zn (3b603) 30 mg; with antioxidants.

Discusfood Artemia Decapsulated Eggs

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