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The Caridina Mariae sp. Tiger Yellow Tail, commonly known as the Tiger Yellow Tail Shrimp, is a remarkable and visually striking freshwater shrimp species that can add a vibrant touch to your aquarium. These shrimps are celebrated for their captivating patterns and distinct yellow tail, which stands out in any aquatic environment. In this detailed product description, we will explore the world of Caridina Mariae sp. Tiger Yellow Tail, covering their unique characteristics, optimal water conditions, suitable tank mates, feeding habits, and care requirements.

Distinctive Characteristics:

  • Tiger Yellow Tail Shrimps are renowned for their captivating coloration, featuring striking black and white stripes across their bodies, reminiscent of a tiger's pattern.
  • Their most notable feature is the bright yellow tail, which contrasts beautifully with their black and white body, adding to their visual appeal.
  • These shrimps exhibit active and social behavior, often foraging, and interacting with one another, making them a dynamic addition to your aquarium.

Water Conditions:

  • To ensure the well-being and vibrant coloration of Caridina Mariae sp. Tiger Yellow Tail, it's crucial to maintain specific water conditions:
    • Temperature: Keep the water temperature between 68-78°F (20-26°C) to create a comfortable environment for these shrimps.
    • pH Level: Maintain a slightly acidic to neutral pH, typically between 6.5 and 7.5.
    • Water Hardness: Tiger Yellow Tail Shrimps thrive in soft to moderately hard water with a GH (General Hardness) of 4-8 dGH.
    • Filtration: Efficient filtration is vital for water quality and oxygenation.
    • Aquarium Setup: Provide hiding places, live plants, and driftwood to create a secure and engaging habitat.

Tank Mates:

  • Tiger Yellow Tail Shrimps are generally peaceful but can be territorial. Suitable tank mates include:
    • Other dwarf shrimp species like Caridina and Neocaridina.
    • Small, non-predatory fish like microrasboras, small tetras, or some Corydoras catfish.
    • Avoid housing them with aggressive or fin-nipping species that could harm the shrimps.

Feeding Habits:

  • These shrimps are omnivores with diverse dietary preferences. Here's how to meet their nutritional needs:
    • Offer high-quality shrimp-specific pellets or flakes, blanched vegetables like zucchini, and occasional treats of algae wafers, spirulina, and calcium supplements.
    • Feed them in small amounts once a day, ensuring they consume the food within a few hours.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Caring for Caridina Mariae sp. Tiger Yellow Tail is relatively straightforward, making them suitable for aquarists of various skill levels:
    • Conduct regular water changes (10-20% every two weeks) to maintain excellent water quality.
    • Maintain stable water parameters and monitor ammonia and nitrate levels, as these shrimps can be sensitive to water quality.
    • Keep an eye on their behavior, molting process, and overall health, as molting is a vital part of their growth and development.


  • Breeding Tiger Yellow Tail Shrimps can be a rewarding experience, as they are known for their intricate patterns and striking coloration:
    • These shrimps will reproduce in freshwater, and females will carry eggs beneath their tails.
    • Provide a well-established, planted tank with stable water conditions to encourage breeding.
    • Baby shrimps, known as "shrimplets," will hatch and should be protected from potential predators.

Caridina Mariae sp. Tiger Yellow Tail

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