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The biOrbAIR Terrarium is THE modern terrarium/vivarium, whether it's orchids, poison dart frogs, air plants, 
mosses and carnivorous plants or an insectarium the biOrbAIR replicates the conditions found under the tropical 
forest canopy and will provide them with the humidity, air circulation and lighting they need. 
You also get a 360 degree view of a world you've created and the pleasure of watching it develop and grow, it's like 
a window into another world. The biOrbAIR uses treated sterilized coir compost as the growth media to cultivate
 the plant roots. The coir compost is placed on top of a capillary mat that draws water up to the compost from a 
small water reservoir in the base. The capillary action prevents the plant roots from soaking and rotting. Natural 
daylight is not necessary as the lighting is arranged in a six LED array at the top of the sphere. This emits the perfect
 light output for encouraging natural growth and prevents plants bending towards a single light source. The light also 
works on an automatic 24 hour cycle, simulating sunrise, daylight, sunset and night time. To discourage stagnation and 
condensation within the biOrbAIR, a constantly running fan recycles the air through a replaceable carbon filter. A small 
amount of fresh air is regularly introduced as part of the circulation process. To maintain the humidity within the micro-climate,
 water is added using an ultrasonic mister mounted in the top water reservoir. This mister can be set to three different 
settings: automatic for tropical plant growth, low for a less humid environment and high for certain amphibian and
​​​​​​​ invertebrate animal species. The terrarium is available in glossy white or grey.

Biorb Air 60 White

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