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Creating a perfect natural rainforest environment for betta fish 

✅ Neutralizes Water Condition It effectively absorbs harmful pollutants and balances water pH. 

It also features a protective colloid coating and revitalizes metabolism to minify fish#@#s stress and prevent resistant diseases.

✅ Perfect Nutrients Balance A convenient choice to provide nutrients balance that are normally lacking in tap water and aquarium tank. 

Completes betta nutrients requirement to enhance fish colour, bones, fins, improve appetite, digestive and immune system. Ingredients: Natural Herbs, Natural Multi Trace Elements, Vitamins B &C 

Directions for Use: Apply on every water change or once every 5-7 days

Betta Tank 3-5 drops/L of water

Grooming/Tanning 5-8 drops/L of water

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BettaNeo Complete Betta Active Solutions

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