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"Discover the beauty of Betta Falx! Enhance your aquarium with this stunning fish. Learn about its care and compatibility."

Detailed Description:

Introducing the Betta Falx, a captivating and beautiful fish that adds elegance and charm to any aquarium. Also known as the Falx Betta or Crescent Betta, this species is highly sought after for its unique features and striking coloration. With its flowing fins and vibrant hues, the Betta Falx is sure to captivate the attention of aquarists and enthusiasts alike. Explore its care requirements, tank compatibility, and other important details to create an optimal environment for this remarkable fish.


  • Striking Coloration: Betta Falx showcases an array of vibrant colors, including shades of red, blue, and iridescent green. Males often exhibit longer fins and more intense coloration compared to females.
  • Fin Shape: The Betta Falx possesses distinct crescent-shaped fins, which give it a unique and eye-catching appearance.
  • Compact Size: On average, this species reaches a size of around 2.5 to 3 inches (6 to 7.5 cm), making it suitable for smaller aquariums.

Water Conditions:

  • Temperature: Maintain the water temperature between 78°F and 82°F (25°C - 28°C) to ensure the optimal health and vitality of Betta Falx.
  • pH Level: Aim for a slightly acidic to neutral pH level ranging from 6.0 to 7.5.
  • Water Hardness: They thrive in soft to moderately hard water with a range of 2 to 10 dGH.
  • Filtration and Oxygenation: Provide efficient filtration and gentle water movement to maintain excellent water quality and ensure proper oxygenation.

Tank Compatibility:

  • Solitary Nature: Betta Falx is best kept alone due to its territorial and sometimes aggressive behavior, particularly males towards each other.
  • Avoid Keeping with Other Betta Species: It is not recommended to house Betta Falx with other Betta species, as they may display aggression towards each other.
  • Select Peaceful Tank Mates: Consider small, peaceful fish species such as Rasboras, Tetras, or peaceful Dwarf Cichlids as potential tank mates, ensuring they can tolerate occasional aggressive behavior.

Feeding Habit:

  • Carnivorous Diet: Betta Falx is a carnivore, primarily feeding on small live or frozen foods.
  • High-Quality Pellets and Flakes: Offer high-quality Betta-specific pellets or flakes as a staple diet, ensuring they are appropriate in size for their small mouths.
  • Supplement with Live or Frozen Foods: Provide occasional feedings of live or frozen foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, or daphnia to enhance their diet and provide variety.


  • Tank Size: A minimum tank size of 10 gallons (38 liters) is recommended for Betta Falx to provide ample swimming space.
  • Aquascape and Hiding Places: Include live or artificial plants, driftwood, and caves to create hiding spots and mimic their natural habitat.
  • Water Maintenance: Perform regular partial water changes of 25% every week to maintain optimal water quality and stability.
  • Observation and Behavior: Monitor their behavior closely and ensure they show no signs of stress or aggression. Separate individuals if persistent aggression occurs.

With its stunning coloration and graceful fins, Betta Falx is a true gem for aquarium enthusiasts. Its vibrant presence and unique features will undoubtedly become a focal point in your aquatic display. By providing them with proper care, a suitable environment, and considering their compatibility with tank mates, you can appreciate the beauty and elegance of Betta Falx as they gracefully navigate their underwater realm.

Betta Falx (Pair)

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