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The Bacopa salzmannii is not yet that widespread on the European aquarium market. In America, however, the aquarium plant enjoys immense popularity. The natural habitat of the Bacopa salzmannii is the flowing waters of Central and South America. It can be found in large quantities in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Costa Rica in particular. THE Bacopa salzmannii does not exist. Rather, there are numerous types and variants. The Bacopa salzmannii (sp. Araguaia), which is also known as Bacopa sp. “Purple” can be called, is one of the most prominent representatives of this genus. From the optical point of view, the Bacopa salzmannii has rounded leaves and a brownish stem.

The Bacopa salzmannii (sp. Araguaia) is an uncomplicated aquarium plant
Bacopa salzmannii (sp. araguaia) is still a rarity in Europe. However, this will soon change due to their simple keeping and care. The aquarium plant prefers a water temperature of 17-30 ° C and a pH value between 5.5-7.5. It usually grows very quickly and is ideal as a background or midground plant. For better growth, you can fertilize the plant from time to time with a micronutrient fertilizer.

Bacopa Salzmannii

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