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Size: 120ml

For freshwater aquariums, aquatic plant aquariums

Microbiological water purification



  1. Contains selected beneficial bacteria types that effectively purify water condition.
  2. Naturally and efficiently decomposes organic materials such as ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide in water and in the substrate.
  3. Regular use produces beneficial bacteria that inhibit the growth of pathogens and help prevention of fish diseases.
  4. One milliliter contains 109bacteria.
  5. Use regularly with AZOO EASY STARTER to prolong the time for aquarium maintenance and water-change.


  1. Add 20ml per 100 liters of water when setting up a new tank.
  2. Use once a week, adding 10ml per 100 liters of water.
  3. Shake well before use, and add it evenly to the aquarium water. Close the bottle cap tightly after use.
  4. Keep in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight once the bottle is opened.
  5. One full cap is equal to 20ml. Inner cap is equal to 5 ml.

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