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Per Box 16*10 cm approx.
Real moss in stock. They are in dormant mode so that can keep them long enough during long distance delivery. 

 Revival once upon wet and moist them. See photo for the difference made before and water them. Easy to take care and maintain
. -Holland moss is thicker, soap in water for 5 mins, it will revive. commonly use in diy micro terrarium, terrarium, bonsai and etc. Can be in a close, semi close or open bottle/ tank kit.
 - Flat forest moss has a very tiny leaf and less thickness. spray water to moist them and they will turn into greenish in a while.
 - Small Flat forest moss has shorter leaf and thinner compared to Big Flat Moss. They like much moisture and wet environment than big Leaf. commonly use for terrarium, palladium, rainforest, micro scape DIY bottle. 
 - Big Flat forest moss has thick and big leave. Spray water to moist them. they will turn into green in 5 mins time. commonly use for plants and bonsai surface pot, moss wall and etc 
 -Plagiomnium Moss: can grow in a pot and make a beautiful house plant, glass bottle, mini terrarium and etc. it loves moisture but cannot be over water. So that dun have to worry about too much moisture that cause it turning into yellow. 
 -Common fern moss: they like moist environment so that that they can propagate. The soil or surface should keep constantly damp. they growing outwards and spread as carpeting from time being with proper care. ideally for terrarium, vivarium and palladium, mini scape in the glass bottle. 
 - Star Moss: Blooming like little stars and they are sharing the similar habitats with Holland moss. Good for DIY bottle scape/Terrarium, Bonsai deco. KEEP them in an Open tank set and Low to mid moisture environment. DO not keep them in an enclosure bottle! -Blossoming moss: Good for Bonsai or other plants decoration as well as open DIY bottle, terrarium, vivarium and palladium. They can resist less moist than the star moss and do keep them in a open concept tank/bottle commonly use in terrarium, diy micro terrarium or high class terrarium plants pot. Looks like green carpet when growing well. Usage: please keep them in an adequately moisturize atmosphere. ❌Do not overwater them, they need proper drainage for the root to breath. ❌No direct sun light or lighting Price is for per box. Keep the unused portion moss in a dry, air ventilated area so that they can last for few months. Sphagnum Moss- as a substrate media to put underneath the moss to keep them adequately moist for easy survival as well as allowing the moss to breathe. (Will be pack in sub pack in a transparent plastic bag)
 price is for per box. 

Assorted Live moss for terrarium palladium DIY bottle microscape

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