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10cm - 10cm

Care Level



Semi Aggressive

PH Level

7.2 - 7.6

Size : +/-10cm

for wealth and prosperity purpose, this new goldfish breed in general, is one of the very popular & auspicious fishes to keep.

Ingot goldfish also known as Yuánbǎo goldfish is called 元宝金魚 (pinyin: Yuánbǎo jīnyú) in the Chinese language.

this breed is a hybrid variation of the Oranda goldfish, created in China by cross breeding between Ryukin Goldfish & Ranchu Goldfish. This breed have a large short rounded body, a box-shaped face with wen (head growth) and short fins.

Temperament: Peaceful Water Conditions: 70-80° F, pH 7.2-7.6 Diet: Goldfish flake and granules Compatibility: Only with Goldfish Origin: China, Thailand, China, Malaysia Family: Cyprinidae The goldfish (Carassius auratus) is a freshwater fish in the family Cyprinidae of order Cypriniformes. It is one of the most commonly kept aquarium fish. A relatively small member of the carp family (which also includes the Prussian carp and the crucian carp), the goldfish is native to east Asia. Live stocks item’s sizes and/or pricing may subject to changes due to seasonal supply. Sizes of these live stocks are based on estimated size, so buyer have to understand that they may not get the actual size that they have ordered.

Assorted Ingot Goldfish

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