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Enhance your tank with Assorted Angelfish. These colorful and graceful fish add elegance and charm to any aquarium setup.


  • Assorted Angelfish, also known as Pterophyllum scalare, are iconic freshwater fish prized for their striking appearance and graceful movements.
  • With a variety of color variations available, these angelfish add vibrancy and beauty to both community and planted aquariums.

Water Conditions:

  • Temperature: Maintain water temperatures between 75°F to 82°F (24°C to 28°C) for optimal health and comfort.
  • pH Levels: Keep pH levels between 6.5 to 7.5 to mimic their natural habitat in the Amazon basin.
  • Water Hardness: Prefer soft to moderately hard water with a dGH range of 5 to 12.

Tank Mates:

  • Peaceful Community Fish: Assorted Angelfish are compatible with a wide variety of peaceful community fish, including tetras, rasboras, gouramis, and corydoras.
  • Avoid Aggressive Species: Avoid housing with aggressive or fin-nipping fish, as Angelfish have long, flowing fins that may be targets for aggression.

Feeding Habit:

  • Omnivorous Diet: Assorted Angelfish are omnivores and will accept a variety of foods, including high-quality flakes, pellets, live, and frozen foods.
  • Vegetable Matter: Supplement their diet with vegetable matter such as blanched spinach or cucumber slices to provide essential fiber and nutrients.
  • Feed Regularly: Offer small, frequent meals throughout the day to mimic their natural feeding behavior and prevent overeating.


  • Tank Size: Provide a spacious aquarium of at least 20 gallons for a pair of Angelfish, with additional space for larger groups or other tank mates.
  • Aquascaping: Decorate the aquarium with driftwood, rocks, and plants to provide hiding spots and vertical structures for Angelfish to explore.
  • Water Quality: Maintain excellent water quality through regular water changes and efficient filtration to prevent stress and disease.


  • Mid to Upper Level Swimmers: Assorted Angelfish typically occupy the middle to upper levels of the aquarium, occasionally venturing to the bottom to explore.
  • Pair Bonding: These fish form strong pair bonds and may exhibit territorial behavior during breeding, especially if nesting sites are present.


  • Pair Formation: Angelfish form monogamous pairs and may exhibit courtship behavior, including cleaning and defending a chosen spawning site.
  • Egg Layers: Females deposit adhesive eggs on a cleaned surface, and both parents guard and care for the eggs and fry until they are free-swimming.


  • Aggression: Monitor tank mates closely to prevent aggression, especially during breeding or if territorial disputes arise.
  • Disease Susceptibility: Angelfish are susceptible to common freshwater diseases, so maintaining optimal water quality and quarantine procedures for new arrivals is crucial

Assorted AngelFish 4-5cm x 5pc

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Suitable Tank Mates for Assorted AngelFish 4-5cm x 5pc