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This carefully curated aquascape sampler box is perfect for beginner aquarists who are exploring the fun and beauty of aquascaping. It is meant to be low maintenance, simple and does not require CO2 system. 

Each box will contain 5 items:
1. Foreground plant - 1 randomly chosen low lying plant suitable for putting at the front of the tank on the substrate level.
2. Midground plant - 1 randomly chosen plant suitable for being the attractive centerpiece of the tank. 
3. Background plant - 1 randomly chosen tall plant suitable for putting at the back of the tank.
4. Wildcard plant - 1 randomly chosen plant that can belong anywhere in the tank.
5. Random item - 1 thoughtfully selected product to boost your aquascape.

This pack will be delivered to you twice a month for 2 months.

Aquascape Sampler Pack (For Beginners)

SGD 172.80

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2 month package (twice a month)


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