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The perfect nano tank wiith everything you need! This is a great option for beginners who are new to fishkeeping and are looking for a smaller option - perfect for betta fish, guppies, snails, crustaceans and more!. Add this to your desktop, TV stand, living room cabinets or any cosy corner in your house. This tank will add a slice of nature in your home or office environment, and will surely be a game-changer for you!

Aquacube Set includes:
1. Nano Tank 20cm
2. LED Light
3. Hardscape - assorted rocks or wood
4. Plants - assorted, 4 options
5. Substrate - soil / sand
6. Small filter
7. 1 betta fish + 1 to 2 snails (some fishes included for 20cm option)
8. Food
9. Delivery, setup and aquascape

Aquacube Set (0.5 feet)

SGD 200.00

Product Options

Aquacube 15x15x20cm

Aquacube 20x20x20cm


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