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3cm - 4cm

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5 - 6

Apistogramma agassizii is a south american dwarf cichlid that has as many color forms as it does collection points. In the wild these fish vary in color on their body from blue to red to yellow, and their fins all vary in color from blue and purple streaked to a bright, pure red. Ours are European tank bred fish that have been selectively bred for generations in order to achieve a very specific color palette. The “fire red” refers to the deep purple on the top of its back, which look like smoldering embers as they transition into the finnage of the fish, which are a flaming red orange. Beneath the purple dorsal ridge of these fish, they transition to a beautiful pink coral color, and then into a golden yellow on their belly, which is sometimes matched by the trailing ventral fins.

Apistogramma Agassizii Super Fire Red Female

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