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The Albino Senegalus Bichir, also known as Polypterus senegalus albino, is a fascinating and unique freshwater fish that belongs to the family Polypteridae. Here are some key details about this species:

General Information:

  • Scientific Name: Polypterus senegalus albino
  • Common Name: Albino Senegalus Bichir
  • Size: At 6-7 cm, this bichir is still a juvenile. Adult bichirs can grow up to about 30-35 cm (12-14 inches) in length.
  • Lifespan: They can live up to 15-20 years with proper care.


  • Coloration: As an albino variant, this bichir has a pale, almost white body with red or pink eyes due to the lack of pigmentation.
  • Body Shape: They have an elongated, cylindrical body with a series of dorsal finlets and pectoral fins that give them a prehistoric appearance.

Habitat and Tank Requirements:

  • Tank Size: A minimum of 200 liters (about 50 gallons) is recommended for an adult, but as juveniles, they can be kept in smaller tanks with plans to upgrade.
  • Water Parameters:
    • Temperature: 24-28°C (75-82°F)
    • pH: 6.0-8.0
    • Hardness: Soft to moderately hard
  • Tank Setup: They prefer a tank with plenty of hiding spots, such as caves, driftwood, and dense vegetation. The substrate can be sand or fine gravel.
  • Filtration: Good filtration is essential as bichirs can be messy eaters. They also require a lid or cover on the tank because they are known to jump.


  • Diet: Carnivorous. They can be fed a variety of live, frozen, or prepared foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, small fish, and sinking carnivore pellets.
  • Feeding Frequency: Young bichirs should be fed daily, while adults can be fed every other day.

Behavior and Compatibility:

  • Behavior: Generally peaceful, but they can be predatory towards smaller fish that fit into their mouths. They are more active during the night (nocturnal).
  • Compatibility: Best kept with similarly sized, non-aggressive tank mates. Avoid housing them with very small fish or invertebrates.

Care Level:

  • Care Level: Moderate. They require specific water parameters and a well-maintained environment to thrive.

Albino senegalus bichir 6-7cm

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