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Need an escape from a hectic urban lifestyle? Create a zen-den in your own home with Zen Mini Pack. Inspired by the Iwagumi aquascaping style, this tank is meant to resemble natural mountain or forest landscapes. This puristic and elegant tank style brings with it a sense of calm and ease.
FishyHub provides the end-to-end package so that you do not need to worry about installing your aquarium or missing out on any critical aquarium components.

What the package includes:
1. 1 Feet Tank with filter and light
2. ~ 20 livestock (select options below)
3. Live plant cultures (short, grass like)
5. 3 to 5 meditative rocks
6. Dechlorination chemical (Interpet Fresh Start) & bacteria
7. Fish food (AZOO 9 in 1 micro pellet)
8. Substrate
9. Delivery service
10. Aquarium installation/ set up
11. Basic aquascaping
12. CO2 starter kit 

Adventure Pack - Zen 1-Feet Set

SGD 370.00


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