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Love theme parks? Create a personal themed waterpark for your fish to play in! The most whimsical of our Adventure Packs, the Wonderland Pack is perfect for kids, fandom lovers or anyone who would want to add a bit of fun into their homes. Colourful ornaments, fishes and plants make up this underwater wonderland, and every tank is made different. The only limit is your imagination!


FishyHub provides the end-to-end package so that you do not have to worry about installing your aquarium or missing out on any critical aquarium components.

What the package includes:
1. 1 Feet Tank
2. 10 to 20 community fishes
3. ground feeders
4. 5 artificial decorative plants
5. 2 to 3 ornaments
6. Dechlorination chemical (Interpet Fresh Start)
7. Fish food
8. SUDO Real Sand
9. Delivery service
10. Aquarium installation/ set up
11. Basic aquascaping

Adventure Pack - Wonderland 1-Feet Set

SGD 400.00


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