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The Jungle Adventure pack will allow you to roleplay as mother nature herself and capture the ordered chaos of the natural world. Jungle tanks don’t follow the usual orderly lines of other aquarium styles - Aquascapists love it for its freestyle form, yet awesome pay-off. This aquarium is characterized by its thick luscious vegetation and intertwining driftwood.
FishyHub provides the end-to-end package so that you do not have to worry about installing your aquarium or missing out on any critical aquarium components.

What the package includes:
1. 1 Feet Tank
2. 3 koi angelfish (select options below)
3. 6 to 8 live plants
4. 2 to 3 drift woods
5. Dechlorination chemical (Interpet Fresh Start)
6. Fish food (for Angelfish)
7. Soil & gravel
8. Delivery service
9. Aquarium installation/ set up
10. Basic aquascaping
11. Basic CO2 system

Adventure Pack - Jungle 1-Feet Set

SGD 380.00

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Marina 360 Tank


Paludarium style


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