Use for: Treating pond fish for ulcers, bacterial gill disease and internal bacterial infections like dropsy.

Use Anti Ulcer when fish are suffering any of the following: ulcer like sores on skin; gills are rotting, reddening around fins and skin; fish are emaciated , sluggish and have clamped fins; fish are dying without obvious cause. This treatment has a unique formulation to effectively treat against internal bacterial infections.
  1. Calculate the ponds volume
  2. Shake bottle well
  3. Remove dosage chamber cap and foil seal, squeeze bottle until chamber is filled to the required level.
  4. Add 1 x 25ml measure for every 454 (100 gals) of pond water. We recommend adding Anti Ulcer to a bucket of water and then distribute evenly over the ponds surface. WARNING: This is a powerful treatment and great care must be taken when calculating the dosage level – use the dosage calculator to confidently dose this treatment
  5.  This is a two dose course of treatment and the second dose should be administered four days after the first.
  6. We recommend testing your water for any underlying water quality issues to help prevent further bacterial issues.
  7. If necessary, it is safe to repeat the course of treatment after 7 days

Blagdon Anti Ulcer

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