Try the NEarth freshly cultured frozen copepods, does not dirty your water nor create nutrient spikes as our frozen copepods are captive bred and cultured in a controlled environment using RO/DI water, completely free of parasites.

Copepods are an ideal food for both freshwater and saltwater livestock. These rich zooplankton provide a good source of protein, carotenoid (enhance colouration) lipids (Vitamins A,D,E,K and energy) and astaxanthin (promotes health).



Copepods only (No addictive)

Nutritional facts:

Crude Protein Min: 58.1%
Crude Fat Min: 16.3%
Crude Fiber Max: 3.8%
Crude Ash Max: 9.7%
Carbohydrate Max: 10.2%
Moisture Max: 5.7%



1 ml of copepods to 100 Litres of water directly into aquarium once or twice a day.
Feeding quantity depends on the number of livestock. Good for both broadcast and target feeding.



Freezer (12-18 months depending on season of culture). Expiry date indicated in back of packaging.
Feeding storage: Chiller (Good for 3 months after opening). No need to store back into freezer after feeding.
Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater feeders.


Packing size: 50ml

NEarth Copepods

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