Top 5 reasons my fish dies!

Hello everyone! Hope your week/weekend has been well so far. Today we are going to talk about the top 5 reasons your pet fish is not living long enough for you to stare at/show off to your friends. There will be a Part II to this article as well, so stay tuned with us for more information!

Here’s a list of reasons before we go into the details a little bit more:

  1. Stress
  2. Tank size
  3. Incompatibility
  4. Overfeeding
  5. Dumb moves

Stress causing your pet fish to die

Ludicrous as it may sound, yes your pet fish will die from stress! Have you ever came home from work for school or having a particularly bad day, and wish you can just lie on bed or jump into a hole and never return to earth? Well, imagine that but you’re stuck in your room forever and ever. Pet fish are known to be intelligent to varying degrees, and it’s a fact that our aquarium, no matter how big, will never be able to give them the natural environment they want. Thus, you do not want to make your fish stressed out as sudden changes in their already limited environment can be FATAL to your fish. Wonder what those changes are? They are, and not limited to:

Sudden changes in the environment (pH levels, bacteria levels, water temperature etc)

How do you know them if your fish is stressed out? Here are some signs (if they display a lot of these signs consistently you know you have to do something about it!

  1. Repeatedly and frantically swims up and down the fish tank (we would too run around like mad people if we’re freaked out eh)
  2. Excessive hiding (some fish, like pleco, loves to hide, so read up about your fish buddy to make sure)
  3. Weight loss, swimming in a weird way

Maintaining a good aquarium environment is very important. Fishyhub will be giving you awesome folks more information and articles on this, so stick around with us for more details.

Tank Size (Duh)

We have comparisons on how certain cities in the world have ridiculous small living spaces for us (e.g. shoebox apartments in HK, where a friend of mine stretched his legs and his “house” door was kicked open, no kidding), and that sounds PAINFUL isn’t it? Since this point is a bit of a no brainer, we just want to remind you oceanmasters to be nice to your fish, do get them a big of a tank as possible, and with as little space competition as possible. 


There is a saying in Chinese that goes: big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimps. It is somewhat like that, in reality. Please read up about fish compatibility charts before starting a diverse neighborhood in your tanks! For example, aggressive fish like Tiger Barb should definitely not be put with smaller, more peaceful tinies like your guppies. Nobody likes to live with their school bully in the same bedroom, do they?


Have you ever seen your friend/some strangers extremely rotund pet dog or cat and wonder, “how did this fella grow to be as round as a soccer ball/Russian missile?”

Well, it’s the same for fish. Although they are naturally slim and fits the modern beauty standards, they DO GET FAT. Just that we are less able to see it, since they are swimming water and all. Feed your fish sparingly, chances are they will not die from less food, only more.

Dumb moves

Ah, this is my favorite reason of all. Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die. Once, as a new fish keeper, I accidentally killed all my goldfish in one night by putting them in a tub full of tab water whilst I changed the water in my fish tank. I am haunted by this till now. 

It never hurts your mind or wallet to read up about your potential finny neighbors by reading up about how to keep them alive. Fortunately, our website continuously provides information on this. Talk to us, and stick with us for such information!

Fishyhub offers a decent variety of fish and aquarium-scaping items for you to start off your experience. We want to provide for every one of our customers the chance to build their own adventure at home, and enjoy this wonderful hobby.  Have a nice day and stay tuned with us for more fishy news and information!

Image and information credits:,bad%2C%20fish%20start%20to%20die.