Fishkeeping Series: Koi

This is a series of articles with clear, simple parameters on how to keep fish. Hope you enjoy our bite sized, quick to read posts about your potential fishy buddies. For more information on specific species of fish, feel free to drop us a message.

Name: Koi, Ornamental version of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio), bred and kept originally from Japan

Why keep them: Vibrant colors, intelligent, absolutely beautiful and classy. 

Aquarium type: Heavily planted outdoor pond




Yellow, red, white, silver, gold, blue


30- 50 Years (Longest living Koi was 226 years old!)


60-90 centimetres


Plants and meat

Minimum Tanks Size

950 litres (per fish)


23-30 degrees Celsius


Clean pond and check filter once every 2-4 weeks



Water change

Water flow not necessary, may add small stream or waterfall

Good tank buddies

Other carp, game fish and amphibians (watch out for disease of frogs from pet shop)

Bad with

Bluegills, small cyprinids

Important notes:

  • You may add crushed limestone to maintain pH
  • Your pond should be made from concrete, with a rubber lining and muddy bottom substrate.
  • Setup: Outdoor water garden, complete with non-invasive plants that will not damage your natural ecosystem (water hyacinth, water lilies, cattails, floating pondweed)
  • Pond should be at least 1.8 metres deep with shallow and deep areas

FUN FACT:  As they are intelligent, koi can recognize their owners as well as be trained like cats or dogs.

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