Glass vs Acrylic Tanks

In our first article we talked about the difference between freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Now we are going to talk about another difference: the difference between glass and acrylic fish tanks.

In the spirit of making things bite sized and easy to read, I have compiled some pros and cons of the two fish tanks into the table below, before I make some further discussion points after:



4-10 times heavier 


Usually square or round shaped

Can be molded into more shapes

Less expensive

More expensive

Scratch resistant

Scratches more easily

Stays clear

Yellows over time

Less impact resistant

More impact resistant

Out of the 6 key points that I chose based on the core concerns of aquarium owners, we can see that there is an exchange of pros and cons between each tank. Whilst glass tanks are less impact resistant and much heavier to move around, they are significantly more scratch resistant and does not yellow out over time. 

Acrylic tanks on the other hand, are lighter and much more easily molded into different shapes, so they are perfect for fish keepers who want to get creative with the shapes of their tanks. Do note that acrylic tanks are more expensive and also more easily scratched (But if you’re not letting anyone come and try their keys against the durability of the tank, of if you are not a clumsy careless klutz it’s entirely possible to keep the scratching to a minimum). One extra point to note though is that acrylic as a material is porous, meaning it will absorb chemicals. 

In a logical conclusion, if you prefer to have a smaller sized tank, do go with glass. If you want to get creative with shape and design, acrylic is the choice, especially as the price difference becomes less significant the bigger your tank becomes. 

Finally, if you want to bendy shaped aquarium, do keep in mind the higher refraction index of glass, to ensure you want your fish to look the size and shape it is supposed to be. Of course if you enjoy seeing your fish morph into different shapes time and again, this can become a unique feature of your tank as well!

Fishyhub offers a decent variety of fish and aquarium-scaping items for you to start off your experience. We want to provide for every one of our customers the chance to build their own adventure at home, and enjoy this wonderful hobby.  Have a nice day and stay tuned with us for more fishy news and information!

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