Top 10 Livestock on FishyHub Leaderboard for December 2021

Our fishy data scientists have crunched the data to identify the top performing livestock so that we can determine what is the greatest demand which is useful for our business. However, the results were so surprising and satisfying that we would like to share with our users who have frequently asked what is the most popular fish on our platform. In our monthly leaderboard, we have magically scored our livestock based on number of sales, quantity purchased and number of customers. 


Leaderboard - Top 10 Livestock


  1. Shrimp
  2. Tetra
  3. Danio
  4. Rasbora
  5. Guppy
  6. Snail
  7. Cichlid
  8. Loach
  9. Corydoras
  10. Algae Eater


# 1: Shrimp



We have never met any user who dislikes shrimps yet. These beautiful fun-sized critters are amazing to look at, not just for their appearance but their behaviors. Their diverse skin colors include red, blue, orange, yellow, green, black, brown, striped, spotted patterns and more. Your aquarium will literally contain a rainbow or unicorn of colors when you keep these pets. These shrimps are also fun to watch when they interact among themselves and go about doing their thing - usually foraging for food with their cute feelers and legs. Shrimp keeping also has different levels. Usually beginners would be advised to keep neocaridina shrimps (cherry red shrimps, fire red shrimps, orange sunkist shrimps etc.) while those who would have the appetite and the wallets for specialized equipment like the cooler can try fancier caridina shrimps which are more sensitive to their environments. It is no wonder that shrimps rank at the top of the leaderboard with their pure cuteness, diversity and size.


# 2: Tetra


These fishes are one of the most common schooling fishes recommended for beginners. They have a unique appearance with a wide range of variation including the cardinal tetras, neon tetras, ember tetras, flame tetras, congo tetras, rummynose tetras, penguin tetras, diamond tetras, black tetras. The most popular tetra is probably the cardinal tetra due to its signature red and blue stripes which are stunning. As our leaderboard scoring considers the quantity of livestock as a factor, the score for tetras is very high as most of our users buy a large number of these tetras to accommodate their schooling nature. It comes as no surprise that tetras are placed in the second position after shrimps.


# 3: Danio


Danios are hyperactive fast-swimming fishes that enjoy a spacious tank with other community fishes. These fishes are very popular with children because of their vibrant colors, like the colored zebra danios and their hardiness, which are good for beginners. Most aquarium hobbyists add danios to their collection because they want to add some liveliness to their tanks. With danios in your tank, you and your kids will never be bored by watching them dart around the plants, rocks and woods inside your aquarium. We think that danios took the third spot because they are family-friendly, have bright colors and are easy to care for. They are also schooling fishes which led to more fishes being purchased in each order.


# 4: Rasbora


Rasboras are small shoaling fishes which are also very easy to care for, making them the perfect pets for beginner fishkeepers. There is a wide variety of rasboras including the chili rasboras, lambchop rasboras, galaxy rasboras, harlequin rasboras so you can collect as many varieties as you want based on your preferences. These peaceful fishes are ranked fourth on our leaderboard probably because they are also very popular for beginner community tanks.


# 5: Guppy


Guppies are probably the most common fishes that most people hear about, even for non-fishkeepers. This is because they come in different colors and patterns. Compared to other schooling fishes that we have mentioned, guppies sometimes have very beautiful long tail fins which make them graceful pets to keep around. Additionally, they are easy to care for and easy to breed in aquariums. Guppies can give birth to 30 to 40 fry every month. This makes it even more interesting for aquarists as they can breed a multitude of guppy strains. 


# 6: Snail


It is surprising to see snails as one of the top ten species within our leaderboard because not everyone fancies keeping snails as pets. Some even consider them ugly and disgusting slimy creatures. However, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and there is a wondrous variety of snail species that are very different from each other. For example, we have the rabbit snail, which looks nothing like the common nerite snails. Or the assassin snails which can attack other snails. Or the apple snails, which are the largest freshwater snail species. This is probably a wildcard species that makes it so special to keep. 


# 7: Cichlid


We have probably cheated a little by aggregating many cichlid species into one category. The cichlid family includes many common fishes like the discus, angelfish, parrotfish, common cichlids, apistogramma, rams and the flowerhorns. The biodiversity of this species is incredible but most cichlid species require a higher level of care and consideration, as compared to small community fishes. Cichlids can also be aggressive and territorial. Hence they are often contained in a species tank with fewer tank mates from other species. However, cichlids are still very popular among advanced fishkeepers with more experience and also larger tanks. 


# 8: Loach


This bottom dweller fish is a great addition to any tanks as they add a sense of harmony to tanks with largely top band fishes like danios, guppies or tetras. They are also a community fish and like to scavenge for food which makes them a valuable asset to clean up leftovers. There are many types of loaches that are popular including the clown loach, yoyo loach, kuhli loach, panda loach, botia loach and zebra loach. We are happy to give credit to the loach by having them as our top ten livestock in our leaderboard as they are often unrecognized by beginner fishkeepers.


# 9: Corydoras


In the ninth position, we have the humble, peace-loving and cute corydoras which are also bottom dwellers that live in schools. Due to their friendly nature, they are often kept with the highest ranked species in our leaderboard - shrimps. We love this species because of their wide variation, but mostly because they look so cute! They also help clean the tank by eating leftovers and algae. We think that this is one of the most underrated species in aquatic pop culture and are excited to have them ranked within the top ten livestock in December.


# 10: Algae Eater


Finally, coming in at the last is the algae eater which barely made it in the list of top ten. These hardworking fishes include the otocinclus, siamese algae eater, golden algae eater, chinese algae eater etc. We are happy that they are recognized for their hard work to keep the tank clean and beautiful and hope that more fishkeepers will know about them.


The above 10 fishes, snails and shrimps are reflective of our users’ purchase habits but are also affected by the seasonality of the fishes. As expected, most of the top ranking fishes are common fishes known by most such as the guppy and the tetra. We believe that there are so many more species that are just waiting on Fishyhub to be discovered by you. So embark on a voyage with us, you courageous explorers, and discover your treasures beneath the depths of the rivers, lakes and streams.