7 tips to choose the best online fish store

Ever wondered what makes an excellent online aquarium store? Fishyhub here shall teach you a few vital key points into making your online shopping experience a smooth and enjoyable one, and make you leave feeling satisfied and happy with your purchases from the online aquarium store. Feeling lost and unsure where to begin, come on this mystical and educational journey to choosing the best online aquarium store with our friendly fishy officers today. You will definitely make wiser choices after reading this article, so do enjoy this journey together with us! There are seven tips to consider when you choose the online store that sells aquarium fishes and supplies, namely: delivery fee, whether the actual fish or aquatic supply can be seen, be in in image or video format on the online fish store’s website, price of products and livestock, variety of products available, service of staff, the way the company handles unexpected circumstances and situations, and finally time taken to fulfill the order. This all plays a part toward the generation of a positive customer experience with the company managing the online aquarium store and leaving a lasting good impression of the aquarium store, within the customers mind, and make them want to return to the store.


So, what is the first thing that comes to mind for you, fish hobbyists, when you want to buy stuff from an aquarium store online? Its of course none other than price, being money sensitive individuals who care about our wallets and want to invest properly, sensible and affordably priced products that your fishy friends need on a daily basis, be it food, filters, filter supplies like media, nitrifying bacteria, media bags,or nets, plant maintenance equipment, tank cleaning supplies or the tanks themselves. Or even when you wish to purchase livestock themselves, you fishy fans and hobbyists would definitely not want overly expensive fish that is unaffordable in nature, and yet common to find across the marketplace and easily purchasable from your neighbourhood fish store, and would want them to be priced fairly, and not too demanding on the hobbyists wallet and personal budget. Especially when you are feeling lazy and just want the fish merchant themselves to send the fishy friends or aquatic supplies that you need straight to your doorstep, without the hassle of you having to travel to the fish store itself to go and buy what you desire.


The merchants should also not fail to deliver and have a professional system to check the status of orders pending to deliver out to consumers, as well as be able to liaise with drivers and fish retailers onboard the merchants online fish ecommerce store using the system, in a professional and efficient manner that is non costly and hassle free to operate, as this is a factor that many fish hobbyists do take into consideration when determining which online fish store they should purchase their products from! As fast and timely fulfilment of orders is. Next, the price of delivery too can play a part towards the hobbyist’s consideration of the ideal fish store online, reasonably priced delivery fees and non excessive markups of delivery fees by the fish store merchant themselves on an online platform is a crucial factor that fish hobbyists like yourselves will think about and treat as priority, especially when the transaction is done only via online ecommerce means and not physically. Overly expensive delivery fees can overwrite the benefits of convenience, fast and quick checkout process that is contact free and can be done within an individual’s own pace and time, and also overwrite the advantage of being able to checkout items round the clock without fear of a situation also known as \u2018closed shop’ They might also not want to pay for delivery of fishes or aquatic products due to lack of patience to wait for the delivery to be fulfilled and inflexibility to choose the slot that they wish for their aquatic livestock or supplies


Next factor to take into consideration is whether hobbyists like yourselves can have the chance to see the fish itself or the aquatic supply itself, be it through photos or video format, to check on its condition.Without the ability to see the actual product, hobbyists like yourselves may feel unconfident to purchase and scared that the merchant is not offering the actual high quality that they claim to have on the fish merchant’s ecommerce website, and may be scared that the fish merchant is a scammer and not upholding to their claimed

quality that they showcase on their ecommerce online aquarium store platform. Furthermore, the inability to verify the actual conditions of products may lead to risk of counterfeit or defective products being given to the consumer, if the merchants are not reputable and not trustworthy in nature, which is really an unpleasant experience for our hobbyists out there. Furthermore, the opportunity to see high clear quality photos or videos of your fishy friends online on an aquarium store’s webpage will also allow you to personally select out your favoured specimens personally and not have to rely on luck and probability to meet your most favoured specimens from among all the supply that the fish merchant has for his existing stocklist, that gives our fishy fans out there peace of mind, which makes them have greater trust for the fish store.


Also, the variety of livestock and supplies available on the store itself is very crucial to a hobbyist’s selection of their ideal online aquarium store. Stores with limited merchants onboard have limited selection of aquatic supplies and livestock available for hobbyists to choose from, and leave them feeling disappointed and annoyed, and turn them to stores with more choices instead.Hobbyists would definitely desire a ecommerce market platform that has all the major brands gathered into one place and has a great number of choices towards the type of livestock that hobbyists want to add into their aquatic habitats, so the ideal online aquarium store should have all the major aquatic brands products available, such as their food, filter, plant maintenance equipment, tanks, tank cleaning equipment, water treatment solutions, water test kits, medicine, at affordable and non intentionally marked up prices, and also accurately portray all their livestock availability without disguising anything. Stores that sell aquarium supplies and livestocks exclusively online should also have as many fish merchants and retailers online as possible to attract consumers attention, as fish hobbyists like you surely desire a great variety and will definitely go to purchase from a fish store online that has large numbers of fishy friends of varying species available for sale, as compared to one that just has limited species of fish and a limited number of aquatic supplies offered online for sale.


Next, the service quality of staff and their ability to resolve problems faced by hobbyists during their time of visiting the online aquarium store is of vital and essential importance when considering the choice of online aquarium store, to visit and get their aquatic products and livestock from. Hobbyists should always make sure that the staff serve them and answer their needs and requests in a credible, polite, friendly and respectful manner and have adequate knowledge of their aquatic offerings and livestock species available for sale, they should also have some basic knowledge of the aquatic world in all aspects, such as fish species compatibility with each other, fish care in all aspects such as their diet, preferred tank space, temperature, water ph and hardness and also their area of origin, and finally lifespan.They should also be able to market the right products to different hobbyists and know what hobbyists desire, and then advertise the right brand to the hobbyist, and be

able to sell the product successfully to consumers. The merchant running the online aquarium store should also be able to update the inventory stocklist in a timely manner, quickly follow up with customer enquiries and questions, market and push products that most suit the hobbyists preferences and needs out to them, and also follow up with orders with the merchants and fish retailers in a timely and quick, and efficient manner, and also be proficient in communication, content writing and also marketing, and also in designing of advertisements, promotional materials, and finally be able to use software common within the industrial world like the Adobe series software, and microsoft series software, as well as all the major social media softwares. Finally they should be able to track feedback given by customers and hobbyists via their various social media platforms, which all help hobbyists to determine the best choice of online aquarium store they should trust and splurge their financial resources into as it determines how proficient the merchant is at running their business, which can all contribute to a positive experience for hobbyists like yourselves.

So in summary, my dear fishy friends and hobbyists make wise and consider all factors before you open your wallet to buy anything from any online aquarium ecommerce store, and do your own research also before you start your journey into this aquatic world that is full of wonders and surprises!

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