A Wriggly Proposition: Interview with Werms.Inc Technopreneur, Aaron

About Werms.Inc:

Werms.Inc is an environmentally sustainable Agri-Tech company that supports farmers by centralising the fragmented agricultural aquafeed supply chain. Werms is working hard towards building a fully sustainable circular economy involving upcycling, IoT powered facilities and efficient Just-in-Time inventory systems.

  1. Please tell us something about yourself and your background

    I am Aaron, 26 this year. I have a background in Banking & Finance, and a degree in Business Management.

  2. What inspired you to start Werms Inc?

    I was quite directionless in my first year of University. I just knew that my interest was not in the banking industry but in the environment/nature/animals. I wanted to do something meaningful in an industry that has major growth potential.

  3. What challenges did you face while starting up?

    Oh, too many to mention. From the steep learning curve of gaining industry knowledge, to learning the technical skills within various roles. Plus, even the balancing act of managing supply & demand. There is never a boring/non-challenging day.

  4. What is the unique value proposition for Werms Inc?

    As a hobbyist myself, I understand the problems these pet enthusiasts face. Werms.Inc provides convenience and quality feed at an affordable rate.

  5. Why should people use Werms Inc products vs normal feed?

    As we upcycle food waste from wholesale centres, you are essentially helping to reduce Singapore’s food waste situation when you buy from us.

  6. How has the pandemic period affected this activity?

    With safe distancing measures and sales shifting online, we decided to make customer’s purchase experience fully online where they can purchase live feeders for their beloved pets in the comfort and safety of their homes before having it delivered to them.

  7. Do you see any difference between aquaculture and aquarium keeping?

    Something worth noting is that tons of research and capital has been poured into the formulation of aquaculture feed to ensure that it contains the essential amino and fatty acids along with added vitamins and minerals to support the healthy growth of fishes. However, the price of aquaculture feed is barely that of ornamental fish feed.

    Nonetheless, the fundamentals are similar (e.g. maintaining water parameters) even as the goals are different. Aquaculture emphasises on fast growth and taste while aquarium-keeping focuses on aesthetics. Nonetheless, everyone wants a healthy, happy fish!

  8. Tell us about the different products that you provide.

    We provide subscription service of live feeders (mainly mealworms, superworms and earthworms) as well as insect farming and vermi-composting workshops at our facility. You may check us out at wermsinc.com.