Saltwater vs Freshwater Aquarium

Today we are going to compare the differences between keeping freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Freshwater fish: pet fish from streams, lakes and ponds/rivers.

Saltwater fish: fish from oceans.

As the names suggest, freshwater fish are from freshwater and saltwater fish, well, from oceans. I would give you all a quick graphic comparison of the differences of such fish at a glance. Of course, these are generalized statements and the situation varies with each individual fish owner/environment, but this would be a good guide of what kind if fish you would want to keep as well as your style of aquarium.



Fish is generally hardier (easier to keep alive)

Fish requires more care and attention to their environment

2-4 week maintenance

1-2 week maintenance

Cost effective visual impact

Impressive visual impact

Can include plants

Can include corals and reefs and anemones!

More cost effective

More costly

Less equipment required

More equipment required

Do note that for both fresh and saltwater aquariums, water temperature, ammonia levels and pH levels should be observed, so don’t go around trying to throw your pet fish into any tap water filled tank! Oxygen levels should be maintained and keeping a good tank environment is important. For a beginner, we would highly recommend starting with a freshwater tank with fish only, as keeping live plants will add another level of complication to it.

It is undeniable that a saltwater aquarium tank will give you more colors as well as a more vibrant setup. So weigh your options as you start your fish keeping! Fishyhub offers a decent variety of fish and aquarium-scaping items for you to start off your experience. We want to provide for every one of our customers the chance to build their own adventure at home, and enjoy this wonderful hobby.  Have a nice day and stay tuned with us for more fishy news and information!

Image and information credits:,Freshwater%20inhabitants%20tend%20to%20be%20much%20hardier%20and,expensive%20than%20saltwater%20aquarium%20inhabitants.&text=and%20live%20rock.-,Saltwater%20aquarium%20in%20particular%20can%20be%20more%20expensive.,maintain%20than%20their%20freshwater%20counterparts.

saltwater aquarium
freshwater aquarium