Are you ready for some aquarium therapy?

In the midst of our hectic daily lives in an urban city, it is always good to have a calming and therapeutic space within your home to relieve your anxiety and stress. Reserve a small space, on your desktop or on a cabinet for a slice of nature in the form of a beautiful natural aquarium.


It has been reported that watching fishes swim around reduces stress and anxiety. This is even more effective if the fishes are small as there is a hypnotic effect in following natural motions of fishes. This is due to our intrinsic nature to feel safe in a natural and non-threatening environment.


Our biological evolution has made us naturally inclined towards nature, especially towards plants. Plants create a soothing environment due to their natural elements, improve concentration and productivity.

Adventure Packs

Can't be bothered to set up the entire tank on your own or not sure how do it? FishyHub's adventure pack is a 'plug and play' solution that includes all the necessary components - tank, fish, plants, substrate, food and water conditioners etc. It even includes delivery, set-up and basic aquascaping to save you time and effort. It is perfect for those looking for convenience and speed or as a gift to your loved ones.