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10cm - 11cm

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Semi Aggressive

Water Conditions

It is best to re-create their natural conditions when setting up a tank for the L333; this will bring the best colouration out of the fish and will help them to settle quicker as well. Sand or smooth gravel can be used for the substrate and add bogwood with some smooth rocks to provide hiding places. These fish do not like bright lighting so keep it subdued and add some floating plants such as the Amazon Frogbit to help with this.

They do demand a high water quality and prefer a decent water current flowing through the tank; this can easily be achieved by placing the outlets from the filter to flow across the length of the tank or failing this add a small power head. As mentioned above the water must be well oxygenated and regular water changes must be performed to keep the parameters perfect.

The temperature of the tank should be between 25 - 31°C (77 - 87.80°F) as they do prefer the higher temperatures and the pH needs to range from 6.0-7.0. The water should be quite soft as alkaline water conditions can be detrimental to their general health.

The L333 will tolerate their own kind so more than one specimen can be kept in the tank but it is best if this species are the only bottom dwellers, other tank mates should occupy the other levels of the water column.

Suitable tank mates include most of the Characins, peaceful species of Cichlids, Tetras or Rasboras. Make sure that you do not mix these with herbivorous fish as the L333 is carnivorous and mixing the two different diets will not work.

If you intend to have a go at breeding these fish then you will need to add some caves to the tank by using terracotta plant pots or lengths of piping.

Pleco L333 10cm

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