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This species of Ludwigia, known as “Twister” or “Curly,” is a beautifully and uniquely shaped plant. Its long, slender leaves grow in a spiral formation. The leaves are light green, though their tips will turn reddish as they approach the water’s surface and experience more intense light. Furthermore, the plant sprouts beautiful yellow flowers.

The “Twister” is a fast growing stem plant, so long as it has plenty of light and CO2. Due to its fast growth, it will require trimming. For propagation, the cuttings can be simply replanted in the substrate. Its height, unique leaf-shape, and flowers make this a great plant for the background or midground of a tank, where its beauty can be seen above shorter plants. It is one of the most unusual-looking plants in the aquarium hobby, and deserves the opportunity to “show off.”

Ludwigia Tornado

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