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This product is air pump most silence by installed noise reduction silent box inside.

Non-Noise is the special air pump made in Japan. Non-Noise has the "Silent Box" in the body and be awarded a patent and the driving noise is lower than other air pump overwhelmingly. Before, the air discharge noise from normal air pump was very big and was the source of anxiety. So we JPD developed the Non-Noise to solve this problem. Since released in 1994, Non-Noise is the most beloved Japanese air pump by aquarist.

Special rubber material putting a high priority on the discharge capacity and long life.

Silent Box:
Special box reducing the driving noise from the diaphragm.

Type of discharge:
Single type

Discharge rate:

Rough indication of the tank size:

Product unit size:
68×45×128 (mm)

JPD SILENT AIR PUMP S-100 (JPD10712 / S100)

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