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The Slim Flo filter series by Dymax is a great filter option for nano tanks. Designed to be used for tanks up to 30L, these filters are beginner friendly and cost-effective. Slim Flo filters from Dymax are as the name states, slim, so they are great for hobbyists with limited space. They have adjustable flow and come with everything needed to properly filter a planted tank. They're also quiet and won't invade your aquascape

The Dymax Range of Hang On Filters is compact in design and operate very quitely.  Whether you have a 15l or 30L tank the Slim Flo Hang On Filter has an adjustable water flow which you can control.  The easily replaceable cartridge is an easy, fast and cost effective way to keep your fish tank in great condition for your fish, shrimp and plants.

  • Flow: 240Lph
  • Includes: Intake tube, intake sponge, and filter media
  • Intake Tube: 2 piece extension & pre-filter sponge
  • Suited upto a recommended 30L Aquarium
  • Submersible pump for quiet operation
  • Standard size carbon cartridge across range
  • Fresh water and marine
  • Mechanical filtration
  • Biological filtration

Dymax SF-240

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