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Chihiros WRGB II Series LED is designed for planted aquarium.

  • With built in controller, now you can simulate sunrise and sunset effect, customized spectrum intensity at each time point, hence do not require timer installation anymore!
  • This light is suitable for high to medium demand plant.
  • Made in China, by Chihiros Aquatic Studio.

Product Specification:

Compared with Chihiros WRGB Series, this latest design Chihiros WRGB II Series have built in controller therefor you don’t have to get commander 4 separately. Furthermore, it using same LED with Chihiros RGB Vivid, hence light intensity higher than WRGB Series.

For more details specification, kindly refer to the photo.

  • Casing Colour : Black
  • LED Colour : White , Red, Green and Blue
  • Come with : Stainless Steel Stand and Adapter

Chihiros LED WRGB2 Black 60cm

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