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Specially formulated for the professional care of aquatic plants in aquarium

Contains an anthocyanin activator to give red plants more vivid colors and better growth

Stabilizes the CO2 level in an aquarium and promote more efficient photosynthesis for plants

Special algae prevention formula that won't cause algae growth

How to use
1. For a newly planted tank: Add 3ml per 100 liters of water once per 7 days for the first two weeks.
2. For regular use: (Depending on the density of aquatic plants) Add 10mI per 100 liters of water every 2 days.
3. When using together with PLANT PREMIUM, apply after two days of use of PLANT PREMIUM.
4. Recommended to also change 50% of water on a weekly basis.
5. Shake well before use and pour into the aquarium at the filter outlet.
6. Close the bottle tightly after use. Store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
7. One full cap is equal to 20mI. The inner cap is equal to 5mI.

AZOO RED ADVAN from Rainbow

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