Size: 200ml

  • For Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris (Flexibacter) and other bacteria
  • For bacterial infections in freshwater aquariums
  • Helps combat bloodshot spots, bulge-like ulcers, protruding gill covers, whitish-yellow coloured gills and accelerated breathing
  • JBL Online Hospital: gives you access to identify fish diseases
  • Package content: 1 pack Ektol bac plus 250, 200 ml. Suitable for aquariums of max. 500 l. For repeated use for max 250 l. To use: 10 ml or 5 ml/100 l aquarium water. Duration of treatment: approx. 6 days, each day = 6 dosages

JBL Ektol bac Plus 250

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