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Echinodorus Chocolate Marble is a relatively unknown species in the Echinodorus family. Sporting large light green leaves with brownish speckles, Echinodorus Chocolate Marble provides interesting texture and coloration to a planted aquarium tank. Like other Echinodorus, new growth displays a brownish-pink tone and later matures into the same green color. Care for Echinodorus Chocolate Marble is comparable to that of Anubias, Bucephalandra, Cryptocoryne and Java Fern species aka fairly simple. Its simple care makes this aquatic plant type a great choice for beginner hobbyists or for those who enjoy aquariums and are interested in keeping live aquatic plants for the first time.

Like all aquatic sword species, Echinodorus Chocolate Marble is easy to keep, fairly hardy and needs a minimum of a nutrient-rich aquarium substrate as these species of aquatic plant are heavy root feeders. Aside from this, Echinodorus species are fairly tolerable of varying water parameters and lighting conditions. Also known for their sizeable attributes, Echinodorus tend to be larger aquatic plants in general and work well for larger sized aquarium tanks. They should be pruned periodically to ensure smaller aquatic plants are not shaded from the light provided. 

Propagation is simple. Separate and replant. 

Common NameEchinodorus Chocolate Marble
Amazon Sword
LightingLow to Medium
Suggested PlacementBackground

Trim and plant runners
Growth RateModerate to Fast

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