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8.8cm - 10.7cm

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PH Level

6.5 - 7.5

Size: 3.5 to 4 inch

The L081 is a color variation of the popular Gold Nugget Pleco distinguished by having many fine yellow spots along the body (compared to L018 and L177, both of which have large spots). Like its close relatives, it is found in rocky shallow areas in warm, well-oxygenated water. In the aquarium, it should be provided with plenty of cover and regular feedings of protein rich feeds such as Repashy gel diet or other prepared feeds. They will do best at high temperatures (82 – 86F), lots of water movement and a variety of rocks and caves in which to establish territories. This species can be a challenge to maintain long term and is best suited for experienced hobbyists who can ensure optimal water quality similar to what they would find in nature and a varied diet.

Photo credit to Tropco
Photo is representative of the species and not of the actual fish.

Pleco L81 (Fine Spot Gold Nugget)

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